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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle Change is most effective and permanent when it happens on many levels at once. Sri Krishnamacharya described yoga as "a process of replacing old patterns with new and more appropriate patterns." We can apply this philosophy not only in how we move through yoga postures, but in all aspects of life. I can help you locate your own innate wisdom, and give you techniques to develop awareness, equanimity, strength, and self-mastery. Contact me today to set up a free 15-minute coaching call.

  • Yoga

    500-hr CYT. Extensive training in many aspects of yoga, including physical and subtle anatomy, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy. I've studied with many great teachers online and in person, and I'm constantly learning more. I specialize in helping people create a lasting personal practice.

  • Transformational Life Coaching

    I keep up with the latest in habit change science to help my clients acheive their goals. I have studied success and personal development for years, and I use a variety of techniques including NLP and EFT to help clients break through limiting beliefs and repetitive thought patterns.

  • Qigong

    Level 2 Supreme Science Qigong Teacher. I have studied Qigong (Chinese energy arts) from many teachers, and I feel it complements yoga very well. Qigong opens us up to the universal life energy that is all around us.

  • Nutrition

    I have studied nutrition independently for over 11 years, and more recently I've begun integrating Ayurvedic habits into my life. I've read hudreds of books and thousands of articles on the subject of nutrition, and I feel like I finally have some clarity on the subject! People often don't believe me when I tell them I'm 30 years old.

"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings." -Hippocrates

May all beings be happy.
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